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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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it's already the deadliest tornado since the 1950s and the number of people missing in joplin, missouri is staggering. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, may 25th.
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weather, our top story. let's go right to steve. steve, this is pretty unusual for this time of year, right? >> the pattern that's stuck has been unusual. we can get rain at the end of may, but this series of systems keeps on marching along. had a couple of reports of lake county, also up towards cazadero as well. some of this rain is beginning to pick up in inintensity -- pick up in intensity, guerneville, --za remember, .15. the rain rates are starting to pick up. the line is stretching from petaluma. look over here at the richmond/san rafael bridge. so from berkeley, richmond, highway 80, out to pinole and right across the bridge you can maybe encounter brief, moderate rain. it's there. we do have clouds and win.
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we'll update the temperatures in about 10 minutes. here's sal. traffic is moving along on the 880. as you drive to the bridge, you will see traffic waiting for you at the toll plaza. back to the desk. search for a missing danville teen is expected to resume at this hour. jade hernandez joins us from san francisco where park police are meeting right now. >> good morning. the search is has been pushed back, we think until about 7:30. i can show you that the united states park police mobile command center is still here. it's been blocked off here because this had is the parking lot where crews set up yesterday. they plan to begin the search again shortly. we'll keep you posted on that. i want to show you yesterday. search teams scanned for alliliy bayliss, who still has
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several law enforcement teams searching for her. her father found her bicycle yesterday. the search continued to ocean's beach. there was a note on her computer with directions to where her bike was locked up. now it's a temporary command posts, which has been -- post, which has been set up in the same area, where we are live today. she was last seen standing at her locker on monday morning but she did not go to school. friends don't know what to do because she left a note. tens of thousands of people signed up in support of finding ally, fellow students wore blue her -- in her -- wore blue in her honor. >> i appreciate everybody's help to locate alison. we're just hoping and praying
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that allison is alive. >> reporter: friends plan to gather tonight at her church tonight, where she attended a youth group. we're live at the command post and we'll keep you posted and as soon as the search crews arrive, we'll bring that information to you. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 7:04. well, two oakland police officers are being called heroes after quickly responding to an overnight fire. it started about 11:30 at that apartment near 48th and carrington. kraig debro has the very emotional reaction to this dramatic rescue. kraig? >> reporter: dave, typically, it's the firefighter being called a hero. but in this instance, it's a police officer. now, the police officer went up to that -- see that burntout frame there where the window was? the police officer went up there and rescued a man out of the apartment, the man that was rescued out of the apartment, he lives here with his mother.
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they basically lost everything, including a pet -- including a pet dog and a pet bird. we spoke with him this morning as he was picking through what he had left. this tragedy happened. >> reporter: a combination of 911 phone calls and two police officers in the area in their patrol car, they were here because they had another call, an unrelated indy sent in the area -- incident in the area. they smelled smoke. they followed their nose up to the apartment. when they got there, they saw nothing but smoke inside the apartment. they yelled for somebody inside the apartment. finally, they heard somebody. a man happened to be taking a shower at the time. they wrapped him up and took
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him out. >> i was laying in my bed watching tv. i got up and shook me a shower. i heard a boom noise. i said what is a? my room's smoking. >> reporter: nobody was hurt in the fire. i just talked to the fire department a half an hour ago. they said the blaze was out and under control in about 30 minutes. the fire department says there's no cause, just a blaze. we're told that it was an electrical cause. we want to find out when the animal control will be coming here, because the pet dog is still here on the scene waiting to be taken away by animal control. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. it's 7:07. an early investigation shows electrical problems might also
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to be -- might also be to blame in san jose. the fire started at 5:00 at the intersection of junewood avenue and capewood lane. firefighters say when they arrived, the entire front of the house was engulfed by flames. they say one person was injured but refused to be taken to the hospital. the house is considered a total loss. and police have just told us a man hit by a car in san francisco overnight has died. he reportedly darted out into the street at lombard and pierce around 1:30 this morning. the driver pulled over and will not likely face charges. investigators say drugs, alcohol and speeding have been ruled out. the intersection was reopened to traffic around 4:30 this morning. 7:08. well, this morning, the suspect in the bryan stow beating case is due to appear in a police lineup. prosecutors are holding off on filing formal charges, at least for now. the attorney for the suspect, giovanni ramirez, says his client was never at dodger stadium the day of the attack
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and he says his client's willing to take a lie detecter test to prove he's innocent. in the meantime, the family of bryan stow is suing the los angeles dodgers, accusing the team of negligence. it's a $30 million lawsuit that claims that security cutbacks were partly blamed for the attack. we've posted the lawsuits and its allegations at look for the "bryan stow" tab. three people are missing after leaving a retirement village on their way to davis. yesterday afternoon the three, whose ages range from 89 to 96, left a retirement community in woodland. police say they were headed to horizon west. that's a nursing home in davis. they were riding in a gray, 2005, toyota corolla. if you have any information about this, contact the local police. all right. 7:09. we want to check in again with
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sal. we may be having a deal with rain, also this morning. >> yeah, that rain, according to steve is gonna be mostly in the north bay. we're gonna go to 880 and take a look at the regular traffic in the core of the bay. it's dry. if it starts to rain, the commute will slow down quite a bit. i'm sure -- everywhere steve goes, the coffee shop, hey, steve, what about that may rain? i tellia. [ laughter tell -- i tell ya. [ laughter ] >> steve, are people always asking you? >> yes, but that's fine. people say, you probably don't like it when i ask about the rain. i say, no, it's fine. but people are complaining and not just the coffee shop either. we do have mostly cloudy skies to the south. rain is making its way to the north. the system is starting to move
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in. the mere fact that it's here -- it's really keeping us cool. the rain so far has been on the lighter side but there's reports up in lake county, mendocino county, ukiah has had million 700 -- dash has had-- has had ..7. our observer in crockett just reported rain. nothing too heavy but we are looking for the system to continue to kind of drag across us. so sfo/oakland north, the main line of rain. south you could get a little bit. but hardly anything. still holding on livermore, 49. everyone else in the 50s. our system will no doubt about it, keep us cool, it's swinging in the bulk of it, here is another strong low. that's the key to the severe weather across the country. we're getting cold systems for
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this time of year. they don't do much for us to keep us cool but as they move into the rock kiss and the plains -- rockies and the plains, they have a lot of energy. the system coming by us, not much rain will fall south. there will be .25 to .50 for some. windy at times, cool temperatures. 50s and 63. 6, santa rosa. 62 vallejo. 65, livermore. yes. i'm saying that like a question. no, hasn't the answer. and -- no, that's the answer. maybe some light rain to the north on friday. saturday looks okay. sunday, windy and cool. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. more deadly tornadod -- tornadoes overnight. we'll show you the latest video. and we'll go live to joplin, missouri, where 1500 people are still reportedly
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missing. and the suspected gunman who attacked gathering where gabrielle giffords was and why gabrielle giffords was recently moved to a new location. and the reason why john edwards is the subject of an investigation by the u.s. department of justice. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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. good morning. cloudy skies, some rain is -- right now some light rain around vallejo, benicia, crockett, pinole, back to richmond and san francisco. brian said some light rain apartment 4th and king in the city. we'll have a cloudy, breezy day. not much rain will make it to san jose. maybe .25 up towards the north bay into mendocino county and lake county. 7:15. just about 15 minutes from  right now, president obama are deliver a major speech to the
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british parliament. this is being called the centerpiece of his six-day european trip. alison burns has more. allison? >> reporter: dave, that's right. president obama and british prime minister david cameron just wrapped up a news conference. they emphasized cooperation between their two countries. president obama said the u.s./british relationship is the strongest it's ever been. most of the questions during the nearly hour-long talk focused on libya. he says he moammar gadhafi will eventually wear down. but it's a slow process. >> that means we sometimes may have to be more patient than people would like. but ultimately, i think it promises greater success. >> reporter: now we're taking a live look at the motorcade, leading president obama to the majestic westminster hall. he will address parliament there in about 15 minutes. he's the first u.s. president
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to deliver a speech in the historic venue. the focus on the speech is how the u.s./europe relationship is the cornerstone of global security. i will have more coverage in my next update next hour. back to you. >> thank you, alison. yesterday, when president obama signed the book at westminster abbey, he made a littles had take on the date. he was about -- a little mistake on the date. he was off about three years. he wrote may 24th, 2008. everyone is speculating 2008 was a great year for him. quite possibly, he was jet lagged. instructors at a pakistani institution are giving anti- american courses there. the cable obtained by wikileaks suggests that anti-americanism is deeply engrained in the pakistani military which has
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received more than $10 billion in u.s. aid since 2001. an officer american who attended a -- never officer who attended a course says lecturer often teach their courses that's heavily by assed against the u.s. -- byased against the -- by -- biased against the u.s. 7:18. there's more legal trouble ahead for john edwards as the justice department gives the approval to prosecute him. the former senator has been the subject of a two-year investigation about whether he violated campaign laws to cover up an extramarital affair. now, allegedly, two political
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donors pave his alleged mistress to keep her hidden from the press. they say edwards had no idea this was going on. but a tell-all book written by edwards' aide said, yes, john edwards knew all about it. a judge is expected to decide whether or not the shooter in the tucson shooting rampage is competent to stand trial. he's accused of shooting congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, and 18 others on january 8th. six of those people died in the ram pain. two mental health experts have evaluated loughner. and wounded congresswoman, gabrielle giffords is back at a rehab hospital in houston after having surgery at another hospital in texas. as you know, last week, doctors implanted a synthetic replacement for part of her
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skull. they also gave her a permanent shunt to relieve any fluid buildup in her brain. she was shot in the head during that rampage in tucson and part of her skull actually had to be removed. at least eight people are dead after several tornadoes swept through arizona. this is video from canton, oklahoma where a tornado hit yesterday afternoon. so far no fatalities have been reported in the area, but city workers are reporting numerous natural gas los angeles and searchers are being called in to make sure no one is -- gas leaks and searchers are being called in to make sure no one is in there. good morning, tori. the people here m joplin, missouri feel like they dodged a bullet last night. you mentioned all of the bad weather and the tornadoes that, once again, hit the heartland of america but the forms dodged
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joplin despite the fact that the sirens wailed. but because the storms dodged this area, the rescue crews were able to get back in this vast debris field, a half-mile -- a half-mile wide, six miles long. it really looks like a scene of what you would think of as armageddon, the trees, all of the homes that have been destroyed. you can see the rescuers out there picking through the debris there. the city leaders say this is still a search-and-rescue operation, which means they are holding out hope that after three nights out in the cold, there are still survivors in the void spaces of the wreckage out here. you mentioned the figure, 1500 people missing you have to be cautious with that particular figure because that means people who haven't been in touch with the authorities. you see how many homes have been destroyed here. a loot people simply left and they rely on their network of family and friends and they haven't made contact with the
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authorities. but it also is a very disturbing figure. when you have a number that high, it does indicate that the death count here will rise in what has already been a record setting tornado, the highest death toll in recorded american history. >> the damage is just incredible to look at. i understand that there there is a curfew in place for joplin? >> yeah, the curfew was put in place yesterday and that is primarily to curb looting. there have been a few isolated cases of looting here in joplin, which is really heartless when you put it -- when you put it all in perspective. authorities a -- authorities want to crack down. the only people that will be out in these areas are the people who have a reason to be. >> you dodged a bullet last night. any more bad weather heading -- heading your way? >> light now, the -- right now, the sky is clouded over. the wind is picking up. but we don't have a forecast of storms to hit this area.
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>> thank you. >> my brother was in virginia and he felt he was in the middle of one. he said we were trying to get out of the car door and each time they pushed the -- did push the car door open, the wind pushed it back in. why a bay area politician who recently apologized after being arrested for dui now says he feels syndicated -- vindicated. blast
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changes take place for boat inspections at lake tahoe. starting today, boats will be innubbed at roadside stations near highways instead of boat ramps. inspection managerses say the
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change should reduce congestion and help prevent the spread of specieses. the only exception is incline village where inspections will take place at boat ramps for a few more weeks. the acting mayor of san carlos will not be facing drunk driving charges. when was arrested back on may 12th, he failed a breathalyzer test. a later test show the he was just below the -- showed he was just below the legal limit. kline says he would like to be considered for the position. now that he has been, in his words, syndicated. that position -- vindicated. that position became vacant after the mayor passed away. we want to check in with sal. sal, what's happening at the golden gate bridge? >> we started out slow there. we had some sort of construction delay. now things are doing well. if you are driving to southern marin, it should be a nice
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drive for you. there are no major problems for you. there is a little bit of slowing already in marinwood coming down to central san rafael. but in southern marin, we're in pretty good shape. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. it's about a 10 to 15 minute wait -- 15-minute wait at toll plaza. it looks like there's crash near the carlson boulevard exit. watch for slow traffic as you are driving on parts of highway 4. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. san jose south, partly sunny, make partly cloudy, but to the north we're getting some rain. nothing too heavy but light rain has made it, especially from about san francisco, sfo north. if you want to tweet me with information, spweather. our system is moving in. the bulk of is it staying sot -- of it is staying to the north. as far as the system goes, it continues to swing in. as it does, it is going to give
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us cool readings. maybe a little bit more sun down towards the santa clara county. 50s and os and the temperatures are -- and 60s and the temperatures are staying really cool. i think saturday okay. by a very windy and cool pattern set up for -- setting up for sunday and morning. er to and dave -- tori and dave? all right. and we can feel the cooler temperatures. the wind is blowing and the rain is here. right now, president obama is just minutes away from giving his speech to the british parliament in london. these are live pictures right now.
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well, rain continues to it fall, especially north of and this system will -- north and this system will continue to work its way south. we're getting decent tolls to the north. as this system comes in, it
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looks like it will make it to san francisco south. right now, traffic is going to be mostly okay. marin county looks good but we're getting reports of wet weather on some of the roads in sonoma and napa county and the winds may be a problem. as we take a look at the commute on 101, this is to remind you that if you start seeing rain to slow down. >> reporter: good morning, sal. we're along highway 37. it's dry and clear. we were on 80. it rained on us for a short time there. if you take a look at the skies above us, you can see -- you know it's coming. it's just a matter of when. as steve said it's still north of where we are right now, more closer to santa rosa and up that way. that's where we're gonna head right now to meet inwith the system as it moves its way south, closer to the bay area. as of right now, we've seen
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scattered rain it doesn't last very long. we know this is the edge of it. we're gonna head more north and we'll check back in with you later on "mornings on 2." claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, claudine. thank you. 7:32. so hahn know county investigators are hoping surveillance video will help them solve the killing of two men. take a look at this video. this was taken from a restaurant in oakland. it shows one of the meninter acting with -- interacting with one of the patrons. two bodies were found 5 minutes from the restaurant. >> the -- 25 minutes from the restaurant. >> we don't know if they were involved. you a we know is they were within our two victims within an hour of them being murdered. >> police are not saying which
7:34 am
restaurant the video is from or they are not calling the han in the -- the men in the vehicle suspects but they say finding them could help solve this case. san jose catholics will witness a rare ceremonial event the basilica today. father thomas daly of san francisco will be ordaned as an auxiliary bishop for the archdiocese. he will serve alongside patrick manufacture mc 10 graff who needs help with the -- mc 10 graff, who needs help with the growing population. the event starts at 2:00. seat something limited but the event will be streamed live on the san jose diocese an website.
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this morning, the suspect in the bryan stow beating case is due to appear in a police lineup in los angeles. now, we're gonna have much more on in in a live report from dodger stadium. that's much for you at 7 -- that's coming up for you at 7:45. a muni driver is taking a few days off from work to recover from a state board attack. san francisco police say three boys demanded free bus transfers on monday when the driver refused to hand them over, one of the boys slammed the driverren the head with his skate -- driver on the head with his skateboard. the driver is expected back at work soon. park officials in marin county are warning visitors to be aware of rattlesnakes. they say there's been a rodent population explosion and that's attracting rattlesnakes looking for food. crews constructing a trail near terra linda say they've seen
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several rattlesnakes -- terra linda say they've seen several rattlesnakes. earlier this month, two dogs were streeted for bites in santa clara county. the season runs from april through october. and plans to remove an old oak tree from a menlo park neighborhood are on hold, at least for now. "the chronicle" reports, meetings are being held to see if tunnel something an option. that would spare the 300-year- old tree nicknamed "granny." it could cost as much as $500,000. neighbors have been rallying to saudi arabianny. an audit has reportedly found that about 100,000 national guard members collected improper pay. most of the compensation paid between 2009 and 2010 was fee
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-- between 2009 and 2010 was -- 2006 was paid to them on top of their regular pay. the paper also says some members received money they he shouldn't have for commuting conditions. the national guard says any money that was not due will be collected back. the thomas family has owned this land near kirker pass road since 1865. recently some of the family members decided to sell off the land. but after facing opposition, they went to court. :37. we want to check in -- 7:37. we want to check in with sal again and see if there are any problems. >> we're looking at the chp
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list. let's start off with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. commute looks pretty good. chp is giving us a couple of fender-benders here and there, but nothing major. the latest one being southbound 880 just near washington, just had a new crash. we don't have any details that one just came in. it looks like that one is involving a tour bus that's blocking one of the fast lanes involving the bus and a car in an accident. this is 880 southbound, so we're looking at this, again, southbound 880, south of washington. pardon me as i read this while i'm on the air. it says now, southbound lane one and two tour bus versus a black sedan and the two left lanes are blocked. so that just came in and we're gonna try to find out more. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. westbound 80 traffic is moving along slowly now as you approach westbound 80, a stalled vehicle at mcbride. there is also an accident at cutting boulevard. those two stall -- those two incidents have really made
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traffic slow. >> we do have cloudy skies for most. partly sunny, san jose south. you are on the southern edge of this. i doubt the system will make it at all. we do have clouds and rain making it in from about san francisco. there's been some decent totals. around .5 near cazadero. some of this rain continues to kind of march south from petaluma to around yountville. santa rosa has picked up .3 -- .3. back to highway 80, benicia, vallejo, martinez. not a lot there but we had some busts of rain in san francisco, about -- bursts of rain in san francisco. there is a little bit there. there's not a lot. we are getting some rain and our system is beginning to sweep in. it won't do much but it's clear and it will keep us on the cool side for temperatures. another strong low will move into the northern part of the
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state and start to move east. that could cause problems later in the week for those downstream. for us, this is another reinforcement of this cool pattern. 50s and 60s on the temps. if you don't have any rain, at least you'll have cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. windy for others, especially in the higher elevations and along the coast. clearing, breezy on thursday. saturday looks partly sunny! partly cloudy and then wiped and cool on sunday. tori -- windy and cool on sunday. tori? >> thank you. any moment now president obama will address the british parliament. these are live pictures right now. you can see quite a lot of people sitting down waiting for the president. the white house calls it the centerpiece of the president's six-day european trip. we'll take you there live once president obama's speech gets underway. oil price manipulation. find out who the u.s. is suing for such a move allegedly making $50 million.
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and a controversial plan regarding dog walkers in san francisco.
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the federal government is suing two large oil speculators for price manipulation. the lawsuit claims the traders based in oklahoma and europe would buy up large amounts of crude oil. that would make it looks like there was a shortage and drive up the price. then they would sell their oil at the higher price and create a glut which would send the price down. they say it would also drive up gasoline prices. the lawsuit claims the traders made $50 million by manipulating the market. speaking of gas prices,
7:44 am
here in the bay area, they are heading in an unusual direction. the week before memorial day weekend, normally the prices at the pump go up as we head into the unofficial start of the summer driving season. but this year, prices are down nearly 20 cent since the first of the month. many an na lists say prices will continue to slip at least 10 cents but could go 0 cents deeper -- cheaper -- but could go 20 cents cheaper. bank of america, j.p. morgan chase and wells fargo are rolling out a service called clear exchange. users will be able to transfer money from their checking accounts using only their mobile phone or e-mail. the service poses a threat to ebay's pay pal business which is currently the leader for online payments. 7:44. well, this morning, the suspect in the bryan stow beating case is scheduled to appear in a
7:45 am
police lineup. trisha takasugi is live at dodger stayed wum where, apparent -- stadium, where, apparently there were many witnesses to thissing. good to see you again, trisha. >> reporter: hi, dave. today is a big day in the stow case. today is the day l.a. police are scheduled to hold a lineup and bring witnesses in in hopes they will pick up -- in hopes they will pick out the man accused of beating -- of beating bryan stow. now, the suspect is giovanni ramirez. he was arrested three days ago and is said to match the description of suspect number one in this composite photo. investigators will put ramirez in a live lineup today and have witnesses take a look the right now, ramirez is only being held on a patrol violation. now, the attorney reap -- attorney representing the family says the suspect has an alibi.
7:46 am
that his 10-year-old daughter is ready and i willing to -- and willing to testify she was with her father all day long on march 31st and they were not at dodger stadium. meanwhile, detectives continue to work on leads in an attempt to track down suspect number 2 as well as the female getaway driver. now, bryan stow's family has filed a lawsuit against the dodgers' organization for a lack security measure and a lapse in providing timely aid to bryan when he was injured. the attorney said the dodgers are at fault because they got rid of the security director as well as two-thirds of the security staff over the last few years and bryan stow should have gotten better treatment that night. now, this lawsuit could be valued at $30 million. that is because it would take into consideration all of bryan's future medical costs as well as a lot of his earnings. he was said to make more than
7:47 am
$100,000 working as a paramedic. so that the late -- so, that's the latest from here. back to you. >> trisha, i'm curious, the dodgers we heard earlier, are already facing enough problems with potentially major league baseball taking them over. can they really handle this kind of money? >> reporter: a lot people think this will be the straw to breaks the camel's back. as you say, they are already facing a tough battle now financially. and if they are slapped with a lawsuit of this magnitude, whether they settle it or it goes to trials, it will definitely be in the millions, if not tens of millions of dollars. >> all right. thank you. 7:4. there's word this -- 7:47, there's word this morning that the ash from the icelandic tornado is breaking up. but it's not enough to keep air traffic moving. flights are expected to be
7:48 am
cancelled aud. airports in germany are closed and authorities are not allowing any planes to take off or land. we checked with san francisco international airport and so far only one flight from dubai experienced delays. travelers are being urged to check with their caur area before -- carrier before heading to the airport. hosni mubarak is accused of ordering police officers to use live ammunition while they fired into a crowd of protesters back in january. mubarak could face the death penalty if he's convicted. two of pub's sons -- mubarak's sons are accused of abusing power to make themselves wealthy. two members of the congress were very impressed by benjamin netanyahu. there he is walking into a packed house trammer -- chamber
7:49 am
yesterday to a standing ovation. before he spinnish -- finished speak -- finished speaking, he received 28 more. that's after the 25 -- that's more than the 25 president obama received during the state of the up upaddress. now, he up-- state of the union address. back here at home, professional dog walkers may soon be required to pay a fee in san francisco. city supervisors are considering a plan that would require them to pay as much as $200 a year. that same idea would limit them to walking eight dogs at a time. that restriction could cost some of the professional dog walkers up to $20,000 -- make that $20 an hour a dog. not that expensive. >> but it adds up. >> yeah. the stage is set for a dramatic moment in a salt lake
7:50 am
city croom. croom-- salt lake city courtroom. it involves kidnapping victim elizabeth smart. actually, what we're looking at is a very strange goal that cost the sharks the playoffs.
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. happening right know, president obama is address egg the -- right now, president obama is address egg the british parliament in london. let's listen in. >> perhaps that's why there are few nations that stand firmer, speak louder and fight hearder to defend democratic values around the world than the united states and the united kingdom. we are the allies who sacrificed side by side the freeing continent and helped prosperity flourish from the ruins of war and with the founding of nato, a british
7:53 am
idea, we joined a transatlantic alliance that's ensured our security for over half a century. together, with our allies, we forged a lasting peace from a cold war. >> you are listening live to president obama talking to the british parliament, talking a little bit there about world war ii and the alliance between the two countries that has ensured security for a half century. he says the u.s. and european influence is not fading as other nations rise and he calls this alliance indispensable. the white house is calling this speech the centerpiece of the president's six-day, four- nation european tour. he started in ireland. after this he goes on to france and poland to finish his tripp. we'll monitor the speech for you. a former roommate casey
7:54 am
anthony's ex-boyfriend took the witness stand yesterday. prosecutors called him as their first witness this morning. 25-year-old casey anthony is charged with killing her 2-year- old daughter caylee almost three years ago. prosecutors say the little girl died from duct tape being placed over her mouth and nose. the defense claims the toddler drowned in the family's swimming pool and that kay see's father tried to cover it -- casey afather tried to kocher -- cover it up -- casey's father tried to cover it up. today, david mitching, the kidnapper of elizabeth smart, could get a life sentence. elizabeth smart was only 14 when she was kidnapped at knife point out of her bedroom in 2002 and then she was forced to marry mitchell. the sharks heading home to san jose following their elimination from the nhl playoffs.
7:55 am
>> back to the line. [ cheers ] >> you heard the evice presidenttion of the crowd, vancouver canucks heading to the finals after beating the sharks in double overtime. that's what they needed, 3-2. sharks were beaten by a strange goal that stunned nearly everyone on the ice. the puck appeared to be heading behind the san jose net, so everyone, including the goalie, focused their attention there. instead, the puck hit a post behind the glass and somehow trickled to a vancouver player. it's just a fluke where the puck rolls and goes. >> they had an exciting season. >> it really was. >> i was really hoping with the giants winning world series. now it was the sharks' turn to win. >> look at sal's face. >> sports anger is what i'm feeling right now. only in sports. yeah. >> okay. let's move on, please. southbound 680 as you pass
7:56 am
mission, traffic is moving along okay. it's a little slow on your way to the south bay. we haven't had a lot slow traffic here in the last week. hopefully the trend will continue. let's move along. i want to talk about the bay bridge. still about a 150 to 15 - -- 10 to-15 minute delate. -- still, about a 10 to 15- minute delay. northbound 101 looks good. here's steve. some rain, some decent totals coming in, well, for the system at the end of may, especially up towards cazadero and points north of i cue ya. not too -- ukiah. not too bad. there's been some rain. i also just talked to a friend of mine, he says nothing too heavy. along interstate 80, back to the city. but look at that, callie sofa
7:57 am
is -- calistoga. i would think back into lake county. we've had reports lakeport, middletown, and into ukiah. no doubt about it. the pattern is changing and it will continue to do so as that system swings in. the south bay had a little bit of sun there but the clouds are starting to roll in now, the rain line will be about sfo, oakland, it doesn't mean somebody south can't get some. the system has a lot unstable air behind it. so possibility of a shower or a thundershower. for us, cloudy skies, rain, mainly to the north bay, but windy at times, cooler temperatures, 50s and 60s. when antioch is only 68. that tells you we're on the cool side. a break witness thursday, but clearing and breezy, not very warm. maybe some rain to the north. saturday looks okay. a very windy and cool pattern. a muni driver is the target
7:58 am
of a strange attack, the passenger demand that led up to the violence. and the search has yet to get underway for the missing 15- year-old danville girl. we're live at the command post with the latest details. why witnesses to an overnight oakland fire are singling out a police officer for his heroics.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. the weather is our top story. let's go right to steve. that's true. a storm coming in at the end of may, yes, unusual. nothing too heavy out there. there are heavier amounts up to calistoga and also back over towards santa rosa and russian river and no doubt about it, into lake county and into mendocino county, there's been some decent totals, about .10 to .25. so from around sfo oakland north will be main line just
8:01 am
updated right there. that's -- south of that there won't be much. but berkeley picking up a little along with emmy -- emeryville. right now, westbound highway 4, traffic is busy. it's gloomy but it's not started raining in eastern contra costa county or onist state 680 heading south through there. there's slow traffic but no wet weather and likewise in south bay. now, steve has been talking about the rain, mainly in the north bay. we'll be following those roads and basically where ever it rains, we'll let you know as soon as we do. let's go back to the desk. in 30 minutes from right now, the search for a missing danville teenager will resume. jade hernandez is live in san francisco with more on what we know about search plans. jade? >> reporter: well, we are learning a little bit more. we're standing in what was the command post yesterday. that has been changed a little bit. we have u.s. park ranger paul
8:02 am
levette joining us to kind of update on -- update us. tell us what you are doing. >> well, at predawn hours, we had u.s. park police continuing to -- continuing the search on san francisco side. yesterday, as you know, we had a very, very extensive search. >> yesterday -- we actually have video of that some -- of some of that search. it was on the ground and in the air. how has the search changed? >> we're continuing the search. the way the searches work, you look in those areas and you research. that's continuing so we're hoping to lead to something that will help us find allison. >> reporter: yesterday, you searched in ocean beach and the marinhead lunds. what areas are you concentrating on today? >> the same areas, trails, beaches, bluffs, anywhere where we might be able to find her. >> reporter: do you know how
8:03 am
long the search will continue this morning and how many rangers you have out hear? >> we will be coning all morning into the afternoon, into the evening. and we've got several dozen already on the ground scattered on both sides of the golden gate bridge right now. >> do you have dogs on the ground? >> not at the moment. >> reporter: and will you be taking search into the water as well? >> yes. there was a water search yesterday and it had continue today. >> reporter: okay. thank you for joining us. we're live in san francisco, the command post was set in this parking lot yesterday. it's been moved up to where the rangers had their regularly scheduled meeting earlier this morning. you heard the latest information, the search is already underway and rangers are out looking for 15-year-old ally bayliss still this morning. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for the update, jade. it's three minutes after 8:00. an oakland police officer is being hailed as a hero after
8:04 am
quickly responding to an overnight fire. it started around 11:0 last night at an apartment near 38th avenue and carrington. kraig debro has been coveringth story all morning. >> reporter: oakland firefighters pounced on this fire and stopped it from spedding to other unit -- spreading to other units. someone else being hailed a hero is a police officer. this is the terrace to the apartment and this is the window where officers yelled inside. an adult male said he was taking a shower when he heard a
8:05 am
loud pop. the man said he left the shower, he found the fire but didn't have time to rest. the police officer found a blanket to cover the man and pulled him from the apartment. the man said he also saved others. >> i heard the cop banging on the doors and next thing i know, i guess, he kicked in a few doors and he was trying to make sure there was nobody in the apartment. >> doing my job, doing what they pay me to do. i love my job here in oakland. i couldn't work anywhere else. >> reporter: victim's mother is staying with friends. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but reginald said the probable cause was an electrical problem. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. 8:05. a house in san jose is considered a total loss now
8:06 am
after a fire last night. it started -- this start at 5:00 at junewood avenue and capewood lane. firefighters say when they arrived, the whole front of the house was engulfed in flames. at least one person was hurt but didn't want to go to the hospital. an early investigation has determined the fire began in the living roo. it was probably triggered by electrical problems. 8:05. police say a man hit by a car in san francisco overnight has died. he reportedly darted out into the street at lom bart and pierce about 1:30 this morning. the driver did pull over and probably won't be facing charges. investigators say drugs, alcohol, even speeding have all been ruled out. the intersection was reopened to traffic about 4:30 this morning. this morning, the suspect in the bryan stow beating case is scheduled to appear in a police lineup. prosecutors are holding off on filing normal charges, at least
8:07 am
for now. the lawyer for giovanni ramirez says his client was never at dodger stadium the kay of the attack and, he says, ramirez has family members and friends to back up his story. in the meantime, the family of bryan stow is suing the los angeles dodgers accusing the team of negligence. the $30 million lawsuit claims stadium security cutbacks were partially to blame for the attack. we posted a copy of the lawsuit and its allegations at look for the bryan stow tab. three elderly people are missing after leaving a retirement village on their way to davis. yesterday, afternoon, three left a retirement community. police say they were headed to horizon west, a nursing home in davis. they were in a gray 2005 toyota corolla. anyone with information is being asked to call their local police department. a muni driver is taking a
8:08 am
couple of days off to recover from an attack that involved a skateboard. san francisco police say three boys, 15 to 16 years of age demanded free bus with transfers. this happened monday when the driver said no. one of the boys slammed the driver on head with his skateboard. the boys then escaped with those transfers. the police spotted them a short time later and made the arrest. now, drivers should be back to work soon. right now, as we speak, president obama is addressing the british parliment. he's the only u.s. president ever to be given this honor addressing the parliament from the 900-year-old westminster hall. >> i am told that the last three speakers here have been the pope, her imagine city, the queen, and nelson mandela, which is either a very high bar or the beginning of a very funny joke. [ laughter ] >> well, coming up for you at
8:09 am
8:15, we'll have a lot more from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the message the president is delivering this morning. it's 8:08. a san carlos fourth grader is one of ten finalists deeting in a geography contest today in washington, d.c. the girl from the nueva school won the state round in the bee yesterday against 5 other contestants. today's winner gets a $5,000 college scholarship, a trip to the galapago islands. >> some great prices. >> yes. >> and they are very smart. sal knows all about our commute. how are we doing, sal? >> i think we're okay. we have had a couple of glitches for you. the traffic is moderate. we had an earlier crash at
8:10 am
washington that's been removed from the side. but traffic will be slow heading south after marina boulevard or so. we're looking at the bay bridge, that's improving coming into san francisco. let's get to contra costa county. westbound highway 4 is slow. southbound 680 a willow pass. we have slow traffic there. and in western contra costa county from pinole to richmond, it's slow all the way down to berkeley. i want to mention something on caltrain. train number 319 and 217 are about ten minutes late, train number 319 is a baby bullet explosion train that was scheduled to depart san jose at 6:56 a.m. the trains are just having some problems. if you take caltrain, give yourself a few extra minutes, it sounds like they are having a much of -- a couple of days. let's go to steve.
8:11 am
some decent totals are starting to come in from this system, especially up to the north bay and the mendocino county and lake county. about .25 for some, .10 to .25 for some. there's not a lot to the system. just going through calistoga look like decent amounts. kind scattered about. there was some near berkeley and emeryville but it looks like that's ended. there's still a few showers around benicia. a almost bit of rain also fell, that was at vallejo. our system is there. it's moving through. the southern edge of it will still drag across, i would suspect maybe a couple of .100 or a trace. it's mainly in the north bay that's gonna take the bulk of this system. 50 to 54. coast, bay inland. east bay, everybody is close all cue to the -- all due to the cloud cover. another impressive system.
8:12 am
folks, if we were in january or february or something or march, it would be raining up to here. this is a pattern that's blocked that keeps coming in and because -- because it's the end the season, the jet stream isn't as intensified as it should be. but it's still howling around. a series of these lows come in. occasionally we get some rain and that's what this system is doing. windy at styles. cool temperatures, 50s and 60s. 6 morgan hill. antioch, santa rosa, 64. i mean that's a cool pattern for this time of year. still clouds, it looks like saturday will be okay. and winy and cool on sunday. dave and tori? >> okay. thank you, steve. it's already the deadliest u.s. tornado since 1955. the number of missing is staggering. an update from joplin, missouri, next. also, a bay area search and
8:13 am
rescue team is on stand by, ready to help out in the nation's heartland a new lead for a missing 3- year-old girl. there's now a northern california connection.
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. cloudy skies. hit-and-miss showers out to san pablo bay and out to vallejo, benicia, but points north, especially up to napa county,
8:16 am
mendocino and lake we're getting rain. back to you. >> thank you, steve. the wild weather in the midwest continues. several tornadoes slammed oklahoma, killing at least eight people. you have -- look at this. this is canton, -- canton oklahoma. one of those tornadoes hit yesterday afternoon. so far no fatalities have been reported. but city workers say there have been several national gas los angeles. they brought in search dogs, too. they are called in to make sure no one is trapped or stranded. but in missouri more than 1500 people are missing this morning after one of the deadliest tornadoes in history. jim spellman is live in joplin, missouri now with the latest. we're looking behind you there at the scene, jim. what's latest from joplin? >> reporter: sure, dave. last night this series of storms from oklahoma made its way here which put a pause on
8:17 am
the search and rescue missions -- search-and-rescue missions. they are now on the recovery phase. teams are coming out with chainsaws, bulldozers, trying to get this area here back on track. the big worry with search-and- rescue efforts is these people, they've been stuck in the structure since sunday night, and that window for pulling survivors out is closing. fortunately, the weather has so far been okay they are trying to keep people out of the neighborhoods so they are not in the way and they can safely use all of this heavy equipment that he have safely they have dogs. they is specially trained people around country to find anybody who may be stuck -- they have specially trained people around the country to
8:18 am
find anybody who may be stuck. it's not searching a structure. it's searching a pile of rubble. very difficult. back to you. >> live for us in joplin, missouri, thank you. 8:17. a menlo park search-and-rescue team is prepared to join the tornado rescue effort in missouri if they get the call. >> every hour that goes by, the hope of finding survivors alive is gonna diminish. there's gonna be a time when they need to go from the rescue phase to the recovery phase. it doesn't need that miracles can't happen but it will become less and less a possibility. search team leader talked to ktvu news about the scope of the operation. this is new video from the warehouse where the task force keeps his gear. this man says his team is ready to help out in joplin on a moment's notice. 8:18. and right now, president obama is address egg the accomplish parliament -- addressing the
8:19 am
british parliament. ktvu's alison burns is live with what the president is saying. >> reporter: dave, president obama is the first president to deliver a speech like this. he says the time for u.s.! u.k. leadership is now. he says this is a pivotal moment for their partnership. the wars in iraq, and afghanistan, the fight against terrorism and the changes in the middle east. >> at a time when threats and cams require nations 0 work -- challenges require nations to work together. >> reporter: prop says the nature of the two country's leadership is to change with the times. from here, president obama will go to u.s. embassy in london.
8:20 am
he heads to fans for g-8 summit tomorrow. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. yesterday when president obama signed a guest book at westminster abbey, he made a mistake on date by three years. instead of may 24th, 2011, the president wrote may 4th, 2008 the that was a good year for him, when he won the election and maybe he was a little jet lagged. a santa rosa man is in jail this morning after a frightening attack connected to a road rage incident. they say william sebastian beat a couple with a large wrench after confronting them at their home in santa rosa last week. the couple suffered cuts as well as bruises. the investigators say the attack was revenge for a road rage incident involving sebastian's girlfriend in downtown santa rosa a week earlier. >> well, police believe is a -- well, police believe is a
8:21 am
missing girl from -- here hee is, ava rega. police believe she's with this man, this is nicholas, ava's father. police say someone took ava. he was last seen driving a 1989 coach motor home. if you have any information get in contact with thelake county sheriff's office. the widow of a --
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
one of the astronauts who spent hours on a spacewalk this morning, almost had to go back inside early. now, he was installing power cables when his eye start to sting. somehow he was able to rub it and the stinging eventually stopped. but that could have been a real emergency. because if his eye kept on watering up, there's no gravity, the tears have nowhere to go and that could have fogged up his space helmet. there's one more spacewalk left in this mission before the space shuttle "endeavour" and the crew come back to earth next week. however, nasa has already given up hope on one of the mechanical mother bells "the spirit" has not -- marbles "the spirit" has into the sent back any signals. its twin "opportunity" is still operating and sending information back to earth. a colorado rockies' fan is in critical condition in a
8:26 am
denver hospital. he fell 20 feet from a stadium stairwell during yesterday's double-header during the rockies and arizona diamondbacks at coors coor's -- at coors field. no word on his name or what caused him to fall. let's check in with sal. >> dave and tori we're checking bridges this time around the. i want to check out the -- and. i want to check out this area, there are no accidents to report. richmond span looks good. we had trouble earlier on the golden gate but that traffic is moving along. let's go to steve. the weather is fine if you like cloudy conditions. plenty of cloud cover. cool temperatures, and the rain continues to stack up, especially to the north. mendocino county, lake county out towards the russianive are
8:27 am
esche but temperatures will stay on the cool side and there it is. you can see our system continuing to string across, the heavier amounts again will stay to the north. bodega bay, sebastopol, petaluma, out to st. helena. there are areas where that will drag across later on. if you don't have rain yet, you might get some rater -- later on. there's also been rain out towards fairfield, but still, that seems to be the line, right about there. our system is -- for this time of year, the system is holding its own. 50s on your temperatures. the high temperatures will be about 10 degrees warmer than that -- than this. these lows as they go across california into the west, come out of the rockies, then they intact with the very warm gulf air coming up and that's what's causing a lot of these tornadoes across the country. you have unbelievably dynamic
8:28 am
factors coming out of -- out of the west. 50s and 60s. temperatures really cool away from the coast and they are not much warmer by the -- upper 40s and low 40s. there's a lot going on for may. no heat. no warm weather. i know you are looking for some. i can't find it. if anything, it will be cooler by the end of the week. dave? >> just not there. there is a new development in the taser debate. the recommendation that could lead to changes in the bay area. also -- a surprise tied to those sky-high gasoline prices. what a lot of americans say they will not do.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
good morning. cold front coming through. heavier rain to the north. some light rain has made it to san francisco, oakland and now east bay. look for most of this rain to stay in the north bay. lighter amounts will fall south. if you up near mendocino and lake county, some moderate rain. here's sal. traffic is moving along -- we're looking at marin county. southbound 101 here in san rafael remains dry but we may have, as steve mentioned, some wet weather moving through sonoma county, napa county, maybe through solano county. i want to bring in claudine wong who has been chasing the rain. claudine is now in santa rosa. hello, claudine. >> reporter: hi, is a. yes, steve told us the rain is here. so here we came. it's raining in santa rosa. not a lot but enough to have people turning on their windshield wipers. as you can see, the roads are wet out here.
8:32 am
we just came up highway 101 and the rain is just starting to pick up as we moved over here in santa rosa. but we can see that it's been puddling on ground. we know it's been raining for a little bit over hee. as steve said, it will move its way south. we can feel the colder temperatures, nothing that's been affected by the weather that -- that we can see. you can see 101 traffic there moving along pretty well. this is starting to move its way in. we are seeing it here. seeing the effects. nothing too heavy but yeah -- but yes, the rain is here. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. solano county investigators are hoping veins video will help them solve the killing of two -- hoping veins surveillance video had help them son the killing of two men. police say 30-year-old ramon hatfield and 29-year-old shawn pierre riley were short and killed shortly after hatfield was seen in this video. their bodies were found two
8:33 am
weeks ago in an unincorporated area of vallejo, about 25 minutes from that restaurant. >> we do not know if they are involved. we're not eliminating the fact that they could have been involved. all we know is they were with our two victims within an hour of them being murdered. >> police are not saying what rub the video is from nor are they calling the men suspects but they say helping -- finding them could help solve the case. >> there was a prayer vigil this morning head by the jonesboro massacre individuals. the man who ordered the mass- suicide in 1978, they don't want that name placed there. san jose catholics will witness a rare ceremonial event today at the st. joseph
8:34 am
cathedral basilica. father thomas daly of san francisco will be ordaned as an auxiliary bishop for the diocese. he will then serve alongside bishop patrick mcgraff who needs help with the growing 0 population of catholics. today's ceremony begins with a grand prix session at 2:00 p.m. they are saying -- grand prix session at 2:00. the "sacramento bee" reports improper compensation was related to full-time narcotic guard members that were paid premiums on top of their regular -- full-time national guard members that were paid premiums on ton of their regular bay -- on top of their regular bay. the national guard says the money owed will be collected. the grand jury is now
8:35 am
urging some bay area police departments to start using tasers. menlo park and east palo alto are the only two san mateo cities that don't give police officers tasers. now the grand jury is urging them to explore the options because tasers save money and prevent injuries. the east palo alto police chief says he plans to start talking to the community about tasers this summer. brace yourself. time now is 8:34. park officials in marin county say be aware of rattlesnakes. there's been a rodent population explosion and that's attracting rattlesnakes looking to eat them for food. crews building a trail near terra linda say they've seen several rattlesnakes event -- recently. rattlesnakes are visible in many parts of the bay area. in fact, earlier this month, two dogs, there's one them, retreated for rattlesnake bites in santa clara county. the rattlesnake season runs from april all the three wa --
8:36 am
all way through october. the plans to remove the old oak tree from a menlo park neighborhood is on hold for at least now. the chronicle reports the commission is holding meetings to see whether tunneling would be an option. that would spare the tree they call "granny" but it would cost as much as $500,000. these neighbors have been rallying to save granny when they found out it could be cut down. tonight, we found out who will be the next "american idol." last night, the final two contestants took to the stage for their first ever all- country night. coming up in about 15 minutes we'll go live to los angeles for a look at how they did before handing over this fate to the voting public. the federal epa promises a big announcement today about gas prices and fuel economy. that's this afternoon. we don't know the details yet except this will directly
8:37 am
affect the bay area. officials say that's why they are holding the news conference right near at tesla motor headquarters in palo alto. and independent report is predicting california will gain more than 200,000 jobs under tougher fuel stan cards -- standards. that's because stricter rules will put more hybrids and electric cars on california roads. you drivers around the bay area. you may want to look twice when you pull into a gas station this week. now, normry the -- normally the price at pump goes up as we get closer to the unofficial start of the summer driving season. this year, though, prices are down almost 20 cell phones sift the -- since the first of the month. we're not complaining. many analysts say the prices will continue to slide down for the next couple of weeks. more than half of all american drivers say they will not by an electric vehicle no matter how high gas frieses go.
8:38 am
a new gallup poll shows a pure electric car is not practical for them -- for some people. let's plug into sal because he knows what's happening in the commute. let's go right outside. i want to take you around the bay area, starting in the north bay because we have had rain as claudine wong mentioned in santa rosa. here in san rafael, it hasn't quite made it yet. let's go to the toll plaza now. you can see traffic is slow there. toll plaza traffic has recovered. out to the east bay with our maps. traffic is gonna be okay on the east shore freeway. but we've had some slow traffic in pinole on the pinole valley road offramp. i wanted to show you the maps if i can. there is a traffic collision there at the offramp. this morning, we haven't -- we
8:39 am
haven't been that bad heading south. in the south bay, northbound 101 is busiest traffic. san francisco 101 is backed up approaching the 80 interchanges. let's interchanges -- 280 interchange. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. rain is to the north. santa rosa is about .10 to .3 in ka did der row -- cazadero. the tail end of this system has to swing across. cloud cover and there's a lot of cold air behind this. as you can see the associated low to the west. that has to come in, right there. that could trigger some thunderstorm activity i think in the northern sacramento or maybe up towards lake county mendocino county later. that is cupping in. that's packing a decent -- coming in. that's packing a decent punch. that's going to keep a very
8:40 am
active pattern going. the rain line continues to be towards the north. it will start to move in. so from about point reyes to around datady, santa rosa, where -- katadi, santa rosa, where claudine wong is, south that, nothing too heavy. just a littleby. that's about the southern edge of it until maybe this morning, early this afternoon. as the whole system sweeps across. that's not a bad-looking satellite for -- i mean, it's holding together rather well. but again farther south, more clouds than wind. 50s.
8:41 am
20 to 40 -- cloudy. windy at times. 50s and 60s. 65 concord. 64 mountain view. san mateo in there, san rafael, santa rosa, napa. i mean it's just not very warm. antioch, 68. morgan hill, 66 to gilroy's 68. clearing, breezy. maybe some rain to the north. saturday looks all right but windy and cool on sunday. new trouble foss a -- new trouble for a formal president involved in a legal scandal. and the fate of the next "american idol" is in the hands viewers. we'll bring you a live report from los angeles.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:44. at this hour, search continues in san francisco. they are looking for a missing danville teenager, allison bayliss. parks police say they are gonna concentrate on air yachts north and south of the -- areas north and south of the golden gate bridge. the 15-year-old was last seen monday morning outside her locker at san ramon valley high school. our relationship is special because of the values and the beliefs, that if united our
8:45 am
people through the ages -- that have united our people through the ages. >> and just about a half-hour ago, president obama finished his speech to the british parly mon. he's now the first u.s. president given the honor of address the parliament in london's historic westminster hall. more than 1500 people are still missing right now in joplin, missouri after one of the deadliest tornadoes in american history. the death toll is up to at least 125. and at least 8,000 buildings were destroyed. ♪ 8:45. last night, the final two american idol contestants were given their last shot to win over the public. one them had a pretty close call. almost couldn't sing. reporter courtney freil is in los angeles about how they performed. >> reporter: good morning. there was so much drama. the hour before the show started, we got a tmz saying
8:46 am
that lauren aileen na's vocal cords were mess up and she might have to drop up and haley would have to step in. that didn't happen. ♪ >> reporter: they sang their hears out, lauren alay na and scott mccreery each performed three songs last night. >> it's the first time that country fans are so loyal. country music it's in today. it's the good music. it's what i have listened to my whole life. >> reporter: before the show lauren needed medical attention after blowing out one her vocal chords before the competition. >> how are you doing? >> i'm here. i'm ready to sing. i'm fine. don't worry about it? >> all right. >> reporter: however a, after
8:47 am
the show she -- how far, after the show, she had to use a notepad. >> lauren says, i feel like i've already won, being in the competition with scott. >> we prayed together before the show and we just knew everything was gonna work out. ♪ sh >> reporter: we caught up with randy jackson for his reaction. >> i think these -- these kids are so young. i look up there and these kids are 16 and 17 and i just go wow. i think whoever wins definitely has a huge career. >> reporter: and the judges' clear favorite was lauren. we heard that on the show. i heard that back stage when we talked to them. i was in the audience and the crowd was going crazy for scottie. he was the clear favorite for las vegas odds if you were
8:48 am
gonna gamble. i checked the polls. let's talk about the star- studded finalele beyonce is gonna perform. lady gaga, j-lo and her husband are gonna sing a long. bono, tim mcgraw, jew dispriest. casey abram singing with rascal flatts. >> thanks for the update. well, youtube is turning six years old this month. it's getting bigger with age. youtube viewers now upload, would you believe, 48 hours of video every minute. that's up 37% in the last six months. up 100% in the last year. now, when youtube first gained popularity, users were watching about 2.5 million videos a mo.
8:49 am
today, more than 3 billion videos are watched every day. a federal judge is saying the west bay sanitary district is liable for almost two dozen sewage spills into the bay. an environmental group called san francisco bay keeper filed a complaint. now, fines for spills which happened between 2004 and 2009, may reach up to $975,000. the west base sanitary district searches parts of san mateo and san mateo counties. the justice department has given the go-ahead to prosecute john edwards. he could be indicted within days. he's been the subject of a two- year ago investigation about whether he violate campaign laws to cover up an extra extramarital affair. allegedly two political donors gave edwards' mistress more than $1 million to keep her hidden from the press. now the person involved with the investigation says edwards will likely be indicted by the
8:50 am
end of the week. they also said he's expected to strike a plea deal. an arizona judge is expected to decide today whether the accused gunman in the tucson shootings is mentally fit to stand trial. jair red howeverner is charged with shooting gabrielle giffords and 18 -- jared loughner is charged with shooting gabrielle giffords and 18 others. two mental health experts have evaluated loughner. if he's declared unfit, the judge could order him to stay in custody to see if treatment might make him able to stand trial at a later time. meanwhile, girds is back at a rehab -- gabrielle giffords is back at a rehab in houston after undergoing surgery. they gave her a permanent shunt to relieve fluid buildup in her brain. 8:5 -- 8:50.
8:51 am
what the san jose city council plans to do about a certain plan.
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8:53. two oakland police officers are being hailed as heroes following their quick response to an overnight house fire. it started around 11:30 last night at an apartment near 38th
8:54 am
avenue and carrington. the two officers were in the area on an unreap lated call. they smelled -- unrelated call. they smelled smoke and immediately rushed to the burning building. they baked on doors to make sure all of the -- banged on doors to make sure that all family members got out safely. ktvu spoke to one very grateful individual. >> the policeman, the police saved my -- saved my life. >> i'm just doing my job. i love do i -- what i do in oakland, i wouldn't work anywhere else. >> investigators traced the fire to a faulty heater, the family's dog died in the fire. a real scare for a southern california man who thought he was hearing a raccoon in his garage. he checked it out and instead came face to face with a mountain lion. his neighbors in hesperia said they had seen a mountain lion roaming around for days. california fish and game
8:55 am
officials same. they tranquilized the mountain lion and released it in the wilderness. testimony continues in the trial casey an thoughfy. the florida mother charged in thdeath of her daughter. two former roommates of anthony's boyfriend testified she stayed at their apartment in june of 2008 when her daughter went missing. both testified that anthony never agreed -- appeared angry, sad or even depressed. they also say in mid-june they never saw caylee again when they asked about the little girl, both roommates testified that little girl was with hernanty -- her nanny at the beach. elizabeth smart is about to be face to face against the man who kidnapped her in a salt lake city courtroom. he could get a life sentence for highly publicized kidnapping nine years ago. elizabeth smart was only 14
8:56 am
when she was kidnapped from her bedroom. today marks the occasion, child watch of north america, they are joining a company in release of an iphone app called "may day." wave technology group created the app to help people in their search for a missing child or -- child or family medical. the app is -- family member. the app is free. the city of san jose is moving ahead to revitalize a mexican plaza. this plaza opened in 1999 as an art complex but it has not been a big moneymaker. the city decided to turn it into a school of latino culture. according to the mercury news, they will decide to approve money for the plaza, next month. well, the san jose sharks, they are coming home from being
8:57 am
eliminated from the nhl playoffs. to line. [ cheers ] >> it was a heartbreaker as the canucks beat the sharks in overtime, double overtime. the goal that beat them stunned almost everyone near there. the puck appeared to go behind the sharks' net, it even stunned the goalie. somehow it then ricocheted to a vancouver player and rest is history. breaking news right now. this just crossed the wire. massachusetts jury has acquitted the brother of olympic skater nancy kerrigan of manslaughter in their death of their 70-year-old father. that was case a lot of people have been following. the brother a -- acquitted in his father's death, nancy kerrigan's father. let's check in with sal one more time. right now we're looking at the
8:58 am
last-minute commutes for westbound 24. itit looks okay getting up to the tunnel. bay bridge toll plaza has recovered. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 1011 slow up to sunnyvale. let's go to defer. cloudy skies. >> cool temperatures, os for many. rein is -- rain is moving in. it will be a cloudy, cool day, with some rain and then clearing. not much warmer, if anything, cooler by sunday. >> wow. >> i know. i know what you are feeling. that will do it for us. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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